FLUKE 6109A Temperature Calibration Bath

FLUKE 6109A Temperature Calibration Bath

Rp. 285,000,000
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The The Fluke Calibration 6109A256 Portable Calibration Bath, 35 °C to 250 °C, 230V AC is for professionals working in clean process industries, such as facilities managers, production engineers and calibration technicians who prefer these baths for a variety of reasons. For example, up to four tri-clamp sanitary sensors fit easily into the bath for calibration at ± 0.1 °C temperature display accuracy. Throughput is even higher for sanitary RTDs with small or no flanges.

Process manufacturing plants for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food production utilize many sanitary temperature sensors that require regular calibration. Production must stop while the calibrations are taking place. Therefore, more calibration throughput means less plant downtime. And in businesses where even a few tenths of a degree Celsius can cost thousands of dollars in ruined products, temperature accuracy is crucial to maintaining quality.

Facilities managers who need to meet U.S. FDA and ISO clean room standards will like the 6109A-156's stainless steel casing that stands up to harsh cleaning solutions; it will help to maintain the accuracy of the plant's temperature sensors, thus reducing the possibility of an expensive product batch loss.

Production engineers will appreciate the bath's accuracy, which helps them control sensor out-of-tolerance conditions. Moreover, these professional prefer to use a bath designed specifically for clean room calibration throughput.

Calibration technicians who perform calibrations on platforms, in crawl spaces, and other hard-to-reach areas of the plant will appreciate the 6109A-256's portability and clean room compatibility (i.e. it is easy to sanitize and does not harbor bacteria).

The 6109A-256 bath calibrates most temperature sensor applications used in clean process manufacturing, including pharmaceutical bioreactors (-10 °C to 100 °C), chemical reactors (200 °C), steam-in-place process (122 °C to 140 °C), autoclave sterilization (120 °C to 135 °C), food storage freezers (-25 °C), and food processing (0 °C to 220 °C).

A large tank volume (106 mm diameter x 154 mm depth) lets you immerse up to four sanitary sensors at the same time. Calibrate a batch of oddly shaped sensors of varying lengths and diameters, and still have room for a reference thermometer. Fast heating and cooling times let you get the job done without spending a lot of time waiting for the bath to come to temperature and stabilize. Increase your sanitary sensor calibration throughput, thereby decreasing expensive production downtime.

An excellent system display accuracy of ± 0.1 °C accuracy covers all sources of error, including calibration uncertainty, stability, uniformity, and repeatability; NVLAP accredited calibration is standard with the 6109A-256. Fluke Calibration's high metrological standards and conservative specifications mean you can have confidence in the measurements you make with this bath..

Temperature range: 35 °C to 250 °C
Stability: 0.015 °C
Calibrate up to four tri-clamp sanitary sensors simultaneously
Wide temperature ranges cover most process applications
Excellent display accuracy of ± 0.1 °C
4:1 test uncertainty ratio (TUR) for critical applications
Easy to transport up stairs and across catwalks
Stainless steel, rust-proof casing withstands harsh sterilizing chemicals
Easy to use and maintain

What's In The Box:
(1) Mains Power Cord
(1) USB Cable
(1) Probe Access Cover
(1) Transport Tank Cover
(1) Report of Calibration (with Label)
(1) Safety Information
(1) User Manual