OMEGA CL3001 Lab Calibrator

OMEGA CL3001 Lab Calibrator

Rp. 188,500,000
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The The OMEGA™ CL3001 calibrator is an accurate fullfeatured temperature, DC and pressure calibrator intended for R&D, manufacturing and calibration lab applications. The units simple design and ease of operation allow users to quickly familiarize themselves with its operations and features. Time saving functions like the ability to save, recall and automatically cycle through setpoints for each output range, the ability to enter user definable RTD curves, and a complete remote interface are several key features offered by the CL3001.

The CL3001 includes an isolated measurement channel consisting of two voltage ranges: 10V and 100V DC, milliAmp range 0 to 52 mA, milliAmp range. The isolated measurement includes 24 Vdc power, and accuracy of 0.005% of reading on voltage ranges. Measuring pressure with a PCL-PMA pressure module adaptor, the CL3001 will work with all OMEGA PCL-PM pressure modules.

0.0025% Calibration Accuracy
Source/Read Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, Current and Pressure
Custom RTD and SPRT Profiles
RS232, USB and IEEE-488 Remote Control
Isolated Measurement Channel
Includes Certificate with Calibration Data

What's In The Box:
(1) Calibration certificate
(1) Operator's manual
(1) Power cord
(1) Thermocouple shorting connector