TESTO 476 (0563 4760) Pocket Strobe Handheld Stroboscope

TESTO 476 (0563 4760) Pocket Strobe Handheld Stroboscope

Rp. 19,500,000
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The Testo 476 (0563 4760) Pocket Strobe Handheld Stroboscope is used when it is necessary to make fast-moving objects appear in slow motion. The 476 hand stroboscope measures and tests rotation and vibration movements. It allows the measurement of very small objects, or in places which are not directly accessible, and it does this without interrupting the production process. The Testo 476 is thus optimally suitable for rpm measurements and for the inspection of components moving at high frequencies.

The energy-optimized switching electronics and the light-intensive xenon flash lamp provide a high light intensity (approximately 800 Lux). The Testo 476 has a memory function which stores the last measurement value when the instrument is switched off. For long-term inspections of measurement objects, a trigger input is available.

The high-performance battery pack allows a continuous operating time of at least 2 hours over the entire frequency range.

Ideal for rpm measurements and inspection of components moving at high frequencies
Dynamic setting dial provides high adjustment accuracy and stability
High-intensity light due to energy-optimized switching electronics and powerful xenon flash lamp
Memory function allows last value to be stored after instrument turns off
Powerful rechargeable battery pack provides minimum 2 hours continuous operation
External trigger jack synchronizes flash sequence and allows for long-term inspections
Built-in tripod connection on housing

Air conditioning / ventilation technology: monitoring / checking if HVAC systems are working properly
Textile industry: monitoring of thread guides on knitting machines (where extremely fast flash frequency needed)
Automotive industry: detecting vibration hotspots in exhaust systems
Metal foil production: monitoring product quality
Vibratory conveying technology: checking for defects during operation
Printing industry / flexo printing / label printing: monitoring print quality

What's In The Box:
(1) Pocket Strobe Handheld Stroboscope
(1) Transport Case
(1) Battery Charger
(4) Country-Specific Adapters
(1) Trigger Signal Connector