DECATUR ONSITE 75M AC Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign

DECATUR ONSITE 75M AC Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign

Rp. 138,500,000
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The OnSite™ 75M Pole Mounted Radar Speed Sign from Decatur Electronics is a light weight, easy to install, pole mounted speed sign that is available in different configurations to meet your application needs. The modular design allows for easy installation and service. The OnSite™ 75 Display uses state of the art high intensity LEDs that are visible to over 1,000 feet. Available with programmable timer and violation flashers in various colors with options for solar panel, 110 Volt AC operation or both solar and AC.

The OnSite 75 is an affordable and reliable speed monitoring tool. The OnSite 75 is designed for easy positioning in areas where you want to monitor traffic from a single unit.

12 Volt configuration
100Watt Solar panel
Pole mounted

SI-3™ directional radar
“Your Speed” sign
Rugged construction
18" display board with amber LED numerals
Tinted non-glare Lexan® shielding