MPH SpeedLaser R Ruggedized Traffic Lidar System

MPH SpeedLaser R Ruggedized Traffic Lidar System

Rp. 100,000,000
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SpeedLaser R Handheld Laser
SpeedLaser® R is the ruggedized version of the laser. It has rubber bumpers to protect the unit if it is dropped, and it has a solid-body case to protect it from accidental exposure to rain. The device is also warranted against accidental damage.

SpeedLaser R Features
Optional print, photo, and video evidence capabilities
Internal electronic tests & software verification
Rugged, long-range laser system
Heads-up speed display with crosshairs
Stealth technology
Obstructed/weather mode
Rechargeable battery handle
Large, lighted LCD display

SpeedLaser R Benefits
Simplified menus for ease of use
Extremely fast acquisition time
Capable of measuring targets at distances of over 7000 ft.
Continuous speed updates with a separate locked speed display on the LCD
Anti-jammer mode thwarts most jammers while continuing to measure speed
Reliable operation in bad weather conditions or through vehicle window
Unit is rechargeable; less expensive to operate than alkaline battery units
Displays both live and locked speeds
Shows the distance of the target, date and time, as well as the system information
Courtroom credibility

 Speed range:  15 to 200 mph (user-settable down to 1)
 Detection distance:  as much as 7000 ft (some  versions have distance restrictions for local law)
 Detection time:  0.2 seconds
 Power:  7.2 Volt, environmentally friendly NiMH  battery pack in handle.  Alternate power sources also available.   
 Battery life:  24-40 hours typical between charges.
 Housing:  Durable Lexan ABS, seamless body, with  rubber bumpers to protect the laser 
 Internal housing for optics:  Cast aluminum body 
 Lens material:  High-quality, coated glass optics
 HUD construction:  Bolted directly to the optics body.   Will not lose ad justment if laser is dropped.

Standard package
o SpeedLaser R laser unit
o Rechargeable battery handle
o 12 Volt DC car charger/power cord
o Carrying case
o Operator’s manual