DECATUR Scout Handheld Directional Radar

DECATUR Scout Handheld Directional Radar

Rp. 33,500,000
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The Decatur Radar Gun Traffic Scout is a battery-operated handheld radar unit, which uses NiMH rechargeable AA batteries instead of expensive batteries. The Decatur Scout traffic scout speed gun also charges from the vehicle's 12V power source, keeping the Decatur Scout always ready with the power you need to keep your streets safe. Its portability makes the Scout handheld radar a flexible police radar gun whether in the car or on patrol.
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Specifications for Decatur Doppler Traffic Radar Speed Gun:
Type:    Stationary hand held directional Doppler radar
Accuracy:    ± 1 unit of measure (± 1 mph, ± 1 km/h)
Ambient Operating:    Temperature -22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
Audio:    Eight (8) audio levels
Communications:    RS232
Controls:    Rubber keypad with Menu,Test, Power, Fast and Select buttons. Trigger switch
Display LCD:    Displays target and locked target speeds along with all menu options and message icons
Dual Power:    Six (6) AA NiMH batteries or detachable 12 VDC power cable with lighter plug
Speed Measurements:    mph or km/h
Speed Range:    12 - 210 mph (20 -337 km/h)
Water resistant:    yes
Dimensions:    10.25" (H) x 3" (W) x 7.25" (L) (26.305 cm x 7.62 cm x 18.415 cm)
Weight:    2.1 lbs (0.952 kg) with batteries

Features of Decatur Speed Radar Speed Gun:
Directional radar to ensure tracking history
Isolate a single direction of traffic
Catch only the target you want
FASTER mode catches the vehicle going faster than the stronger target
Easily replaceable batteries

Package Contents:
Decatur Scout Doppler Hand Held Traffic Radar Speed Gun