TRIMBLE LaserAce 1000 Rangefinder/ Hypsometer

TRIMBLE LaserAce 1000 Rangefinder/ Hypsometer

Rp. 58,500,000
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Easy-to-use with point-and-shoot simplicity Any user—from novice to expert—can start taking offset measurements immediately. This compact and lightweight handheld device provides simple point-and-shoot simplicity to quickly and accurately measure range, height, and slope of passive targets up to 150 meters (500 feet) away. A large, backlit LCD allows simple navigation between measurement modes and instant verification of measurements recorded.

Powerful standalone measurements With the Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder, accurate measurements can be captured in hard-to-reach or inaccessible places—situations where the traditional alternative is estimation. A wide variety of applications benefit from the ability to calculate height and distance, such as determining clearance of power lines or between trees and buildings. From a single location, users can record offsets to multiple targets, providing an efficient means of measuring distant objects to save time and cost, and increase productivity.

Combine with GNSS handhelds  Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder wirelessly transmits measurements to Trimble GNSS handheld computers, which are then seamlessly merged with current GNSS positions. As part of the Trimble family of field data collection solutions, the Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder is fully compatible with Trimble Mapping & GIS field and office software for smooth integration into existing workflows.  The Trimble LaserAce 1000 is the only rangefinder that can capture a point feature with just one shot by integrating seamlessly with Trimble QuickPoint™ data collection mode in Trimble TerraSync™ software—a fast and effective way to capture features of the same type. Simple to learn and use, QuickPoint mode saves field workers time collecting position and attribute information for repetitive features with fast one-click operation of a Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder.  By providing offset measurements, the Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder makes it possible to remotely gather high-accuracy measurements of any location—next to buildings, under dense canopy, and even indoors, for precise mapping of all assets. Simply stand at a location with good GNSS coverage and with the click of a button remotely gather the location of objects in areas without GNSS coverage. The same workflow gives you a practical alternative to measuring objects in hazardous or inaccessible areas, such as points on a busy roadway or on the far side of a stream or fence.

Measurement without barriers A powerful data collection tool by itself and an ideal complement to Trimble GNSS workflows, the Trimble LaserAce 1000 rangefinder puts the power to measure remotely in the palm of your hand.

All-in-one height, diameter, and log volume measurement.

Capable of determining canopy spread and horizontal missing distances, this lightweight, handheld hypsometer uses Class I eye safe laser technology to measure tree diameters and log volumes at the touch of a button and also features a digital compass! Designed for one-person operation, you simply point and shoot. The LaserAce measures a target’s distance, elevation, height, and diameter as well as slopes and gradients. The unique aiming and diameter scope allows you to easily take remote measurements. The LaserAce features a two- and three-point mode for leaning trees as well as an onboard multifunction computer which stores results (up to 3,000 trees) for later viewing or downloading to your PC or PDA using the Bluetooth® (or RS232) data link. Water and dust resistant to IP 66.  

Trimble LaserAce 1000 Rangefinder Hypsometer
Hand strap kit
Carry pouch and strap
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
AC power supply with international adaptor kit
External battery charging base and adaptor plate

Specifications: Hypsometer Range: 1 km (3,280’) to prisms; 150 m (500’) with no reflective target; 600 m (2,000’) with reflector; ±70° from horizontal. Digital Compass Range: 0 to 359.9°. Hypsometer Accuracy: 5 cm (2”); 0.2° at level. Digital Compass Accuracy: ±1°. Power: 7.2V lithium ion rechargeable batteries (normal use, 8 hours of power). Weight: 14 oz. Dimensions: 4.33”L x 3.94”W x 1.97”H.