Fault Finder Locator

3M DYNATEL 2220M-U3W Advanced Pipe/ Cable Locator
A new addition to the 3M™ Dynatel™ Locators 2200M series, the 2220M locator is designed to provide a..
Rp. 165,000,000
3M DYNATEL 2250M-UU5W-RT Advanced Cable/ Pipe Locator
Product Description The 2250 5 WATT MARKER/CABLE LOCATOR Cable Locator has the following features: ..
Rp. 175,000,000
3M DYNATEL 2273M-ID/UU5W-RT Cable/ Pipe Fault and Marker Locator
For cable/pipe locating, the Dynatel M series has a highly accurate multi-antenna design for various..
Rp. 198,500,000
3M DYNATEL 2273M-UU5W-RT Cable/ Pipe and Fault Locator
For cable/pipe locating, the Dynatel M series has a highly accurate multi-antenna design for various..
Rp. 185,000,000
3M DYNATEL 2573-U12 Cable/ Pipe Fault and Marker Locator
Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than most locators on the market, the 3M Dy..
Rp. 225,000,000
ARMADA GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator
Armada Technologies GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator is a new low cost locator for contractors and maint..
Rp. 38,500,000
ARMADA Pro800D Hi-Power Wire And Valve Locator
The Pro800D Underground Wire and Valve Locator for sprinkler and irrigation professionals sets a new..
Rp. 36,500,000
ARMADA Pro900 Advanced Underground Locator
The Pro900 Digital Underground Cable Locator is a full featured digital underground locator for cont..
Rp. 38,500,000
CATU MX-400 Cable Identifier/ Locator Details
The MX-400 is used to identify the presence of underground and insulated overhead lines. It can work..
Rp. 435,000,000
EAGLE EYE GFL1000 Ground Fault Locator
Features: Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than ..
Rp. 195,000,000
FLUKE 2042 Cable Locator Transmitter
The Fluke 2042 is a professional general purpose cable locator. It is ideal for tracing cables in wa..
Rp. 17,500,000
GREENLEE 501 Tracker II Buried Line Locator
The Greenlee 501 is designed to locate the path and depth of buried cable, service wires, metallic p..
Rp. 42,500,000
GREENLEE 521A Wire and Valve Locator
Greenlee 521A Wire and Valve Locator Track Buried Irrigation System Wiring and Valves Quickly and E..
Rp. 38,500,000
GREENLEE BLL200 Buried Line Locator
The Greenlee BLL-200 Buried Line Locator is a compact, lightweight kit consisting of two component..
Rp. 78,500,000
HIPOTRONICS X-Wave Primary Cable Fault Locator
Hipotronics X-WAVE is the most advanced, safest, and powerful cable fault locating tool on the marke..
Rp. 365,000,000
MEGGER 656601 AccuTrace Cable Route Tracer
The Cable Route Tracer is designed to locate, trace and measure the depth of buried energized power ..
Rp. 33,500,000
MEGGER 656621 AccuTrace Cable Route Tracer
The Megger 656621 AccuTrace® Cable Route Tracer consists of a transmitter, which energizes the line ..
Rp. 68,500,000
MEGGER 656902 Split-Box Pipe and Cable Locator
The Split-box Pipe and Cable Locator is a hand-held instrument in the classic " split-box" design, c..
Rp. 38,500,000
PIPEHORN MD450 MagHorn Ferromagnetic Locator
The Pipehorn MD450 MagHorn Magnetic Locator PMD450 detects magnetic fields produced by small objects..
Rp. 35,000,000
PIPEHORN MD820 Pipe and Cable Locators Single Frequency
The Pipehorn 800-H Utility Locator P800 offers a high 480 kHz frequency for tracing live, yet weak e..
Rp. 42,500,000
PIPEHORN MD840 Pipe and Cable Locators Dual Frequency
The Pipehorn 800-H Utility Locator P800 offers a high 480 kHz frequency for tracing live, yet weak e..
Rp. 48,500,000
SCHONSTEDT GA-52Cx Portable Magnetic Locator
The Schonstedt GA-52Cx Magnetic Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects providi..
Rp. 18,500,000
SCHONSTEDT GA-72Cd Portable Magnetic Locator
Signal Strength and Polarity Indications The GA-72Cd's audio signal and the 3-digit LCD readout wil..
Rp. 30,000,000
SCHONSTEDT GA-92XTd Portable Magnetic Locator
Time to make a move to the new Schonstedt XT, the greatest innovation in magnetic locating since the..
Rp. 38,500,000
SCHONSTEDT Maggie Portable Magnetic Locator
The Schonstedt “Maggie" is the Next Generation Magnetic Locator and is the latest addition to the li..
Rp. 27,500,000
SCHONSTEDT SPOT Portable Magnetic Locator
The SPOT is built for rough terrain and severe weather with engineering and accuracy equal to the re..
Rp. 26,500,000
SCHONSTEDT XT-512 Portable Sonde and Camera Locator
Locates Blockages Quickly Schonstedt was the first to provide an RF link between transmitter and re..
Rp. 55,000,000
SEBA KMT MFM10 Sheath Fault Location System
The Megger MFM 10 sheath fault location system is used for the general measurement of insulating cab..
Rp. 485,000,000
TECHNOAC GI-TA Arc Discharge Generator
The arc discharge generator GI-TA is designed to search for high-resistance breakdown points of a hi..
Rp. 235,000,000
TECHNOAC Success ATG-127E Acoustic Cable Fault Locator
High tech kit with multi-frequency transmitter for buried utilities detection and acoustic cable fau..
Rp. 135,000,000
TECHNOAC Success ATP-434E Acoustic Cable Fault Locator
Based on receiver AP-027, EMD-247 sensor and acoustic sensor AD-227. Features: AP-027 digital lo..
Rp. 62,500,000
TECHNOAC Success TG-435.15E Acoustic Cable Fault Locator
Based on receiver AP-027, EMD-247 sensor, acoustic sensor AD-227, tracing transmitter AG-105. Fea..
Rp. 88,500,000
TECHNOAC TDR-TA1.7 Cable Fault Locator
TDR-TA1.7 – a modern digital reflectometer designed specifically to find and diagnose faults in the ..
Rp. 95,000,000
TECHNOAC TDR-TA1.9 Cable Fault Locator
TDR-TA1.9 is a high-precision 3-channel digital reflectometer designed to determine the distances to..
Rp. 125,000,000
TECHNOAC TDR-TA1M Cable Fault Locator
TDR-TA1M – a single-channel cable locator with a bridge measurements unit, designed to determine the..
Rp. 96,500,000
TECHNOAC TDR-TA3.7 Cable Fault Locator
TDR-TA3.7 is used for control during laying and operation of the following types of cable lines: ..
Rp. 125,000,000
TECHNOAC TDR-TA4.7 Cable Fault Locator
This UM is a document certifying guaranteed by the manufacturer the basic parameters and technical c..
Rp. 138,500,000
TINKER & RASOR 505 Pipe & Cable Locator
The "GO-FER" is housed in rugged, indestructible Cycolac cases and has injection-molded instrument p..
Rp. 38,500,000